What We Buy

We Buy All Gold

Whether it is any type of jewellery (including watches) or perhaps a gold coin such as a sovereign or krugerrand, if it contains substantial gold Gold4Cash will purchase it, we buy ALL gold.

If you have any scrap gold laying around the house, if that means a single earring, a broken necklace or a watch that no longer works, we will buy it from you. The offer we make to you will not change no mater what the condition of the item, so if your jewellery isn’t in the best shape, do not let it put you off.

What Do We Buy?

Having well over 30 years experience in the purchase of gold jewellery and other items, our team are able to offer the most competitive prices for your items of unwanted or unused gold. Once you accept an offer, we will pay the money directly into your bank within 24 hours.

Gold4Cash will purchase all jewellery with or without gemstones. If your jewellery contains diamonds of a substantial size (over 0.25ct), these will have an additional value that will be added to the offer you receive for your gold. Any smaller diamonds or stones have no value to us but can be removed and sent back to you if required.

The Easy Way To
Get Cash For Your Gold

Specialists in Gold Jewellery & More

If you have any unwanted or unused precious metals around your home, order your FREE selling kit today and cash in using our simple, fast, efficient process. We can buy almost anything that contains a precious metal, including:

Gold Bracelets
Gold Watches
Gold Chains
Gold Earrings
Gold Rings
Gold Necklaces

Gold Sovereigns
Gold Krugerrands
American Eagles
Gold Bullion
Scrap Gold
Dental Gold

White Gold
Rose Gold

If you have received an offer for your items from another reputable gold dealer and you have proof, Gold4Cash guarantee to beat that price. Our service is no obligation and completely free of charge, so what do you have to lose!