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Despite its appearance, white gold is, put simply, just another type of gold, it has the same value as yellow gold when it comes to selling. Although to make it into jewellery it is usually mixed with other metals such as palladium or zinc, the purity of the gold content is not affected.

What is White Gold Worth?

White gold is no less valuable than yellow gold, it still has pure gold content. To achieve its colouring, white gold is made by taking yellow gold and combining it with alloy metals, such as palladium.

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What does it sell for?

Purity and weight will determine the valuation of your white gold jewellery. We use identical appraisal methods for valuing yellow gold, taking into account the gold content, amount and also the gold market rate of that particular day.

If your items contain a substantial amount of white gold, Gold4Cash will purchase them from you. The more common white gold items we buy include rings, necklaces, earrings, chains and bracelets. If you own a watch that contains white gold, we will purchase these too. Many people have broken or unwanted white gold items around, why not trade them now for cash in the bank?