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Cash For Sterling Silver

We pay cash for sterling silver jewellery, watches and coins, sell today and get instant money in the bank from Gold4Cash,

Although not quite as rare or valuable as gold, platinum or indeed palladium, silver is still classed as a precious metal. If you have a good quantity of silver items that you would like to sell, the experts here at Gold4Cash will happily value it and make you an offer within 24 hours, request a FREE selling kit now.

Does Silver Have Value?

Silver is not quite as rare as gold, platinum or palladium, however it does still have some value. It is an excellent conductor as well as being a very reflective material, therefore it has a much wider variety of uses than other precious metals. Getting cash for sterling silver from Gold4Cash is a fast, simple process.

The experts at Gold4Cash will buy your unwanted, unused or scrap silver items for the best prices, simply send them to us, fully insured and secure, by ordering one of our FREE selling kits.

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How Will I Get Paid?

The appraisers at Gold4Cash are here to help, we buy a whole host of silver items on a regular basis, so you be sure of a fair appraisal of all of your items.

Usually payments are made directly into your bank account for speed and convenience, however if needed we can also pay you by cheque or PayPal. Online payments are guaranteed within 24 hours of you accepting our offer price for your items, cheques are also sent out the same day.

If you would like to cash in on your silver today, simply contact us or order one of our FREE selling kits.