Sell Scrap Gold

Cash For Your Scrap Gold

If you have any scrap gold around the house, no matter what amount you can get cash for it in the bank today with Gold4Cash.

Many items can be considered scrap gold, whether its snapped, broken or tangled gold jewellery, or marked and tarnished gold coins, these items are often left unused, why not get cash for your scrap gold instead? Have your items valued by the Gold4Cash team now, for free to see what they are worth. Our team have many years experience in valuing all types of scrap gold, so get in touch today to make a sale.

What is Scrap Gold?

The term scrap gold can refer to any piece of gold that may be considered scrap. Primarily this means unwanted, unused or broken jewellery such as broken or tangled necklaces or rings missing stones, watches that no longer work, or even single earrings tat were part of a pair.

Gold4Cash will appraise and pay out for any kind of scrap gold, simply because we determine their value only on their weight and purity. So if you have any items of gold jewellery around the home which are no longer used, are broken or are in poor condition, the Gold4Cash service could be ideal for you.

The Easy Way To
Get Cash For Your Gold

What Is It Worth?

Due to the current financial climate in the UK, many people are deciding that now is the correct time to trade their unused scrap gold for money in their bank accounts. The Gold4Cash valuation appraisers will look at both the quality and amount of gold you send to us to make you a strong cash offer. The condition of your gold will have no bearing on the amount you may receive.

If you have any scrap gold and now is the time to sell for you, simply request a FREE selling kit and we will take care of the rest for you.