Sell Rose Gold

Get Cash For Your Rose Gold

Rose gold has become a very desirable choice for jewellery recently due to its fashionable, on-trend colouring. There are many jewellery items and watches that now come in rose gold. As with any jewellery though, it can become unused or broken, so now may be the time to get cash for your rose gold items.

Due to the current spike in gold prices, selling your unused, unwanted or damaged rose gold items could give you a large return and cash in the bank within 24 hours. Use the Gold4Cash service now, request your FREE selling kit and send your rose gold items to us today to be appraised.

Is Rose Gold Valuable?

The purity of the gold is what determines its value, rose gold contains the same gold content as white or yellow gold. Some people assume that, due to its colour, rose gold may have a lesser value than the more traditional yellow gold. This is not the case, rose gold simply gets its colour from being alloyed with copper to give it a tint, the gold content is unaffected.

The redder the rose gold, the higher the copper content, this has no bearing on the gold content of your items as a whole though. 22-carat is the highest value rose gold that is available.

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What is my rose gold worth?

Sometimes rose gold can be bought more cheaply than traditional yellow gold, this isn’t, however, due to the gold it contains being any less pure. The fact the buying price is sometimes lower is simply because the copper that the gold is mixed with is generally cheaper to buy than other metals.

Even though the copper is a cheaper metal, the Gold4Cash team will still buy your rose gold items and give you a price based on the gold content only, meaning the value will be equal to that of yellow or white gold.

When selling rose gold it is always important to deal with experts in precious metals, this will mean that you never get a lower price for your items due to their colour.