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Get money in your bank account in just 24 hours by selling your broken or unused palladium jewellery.

Gold4Cash are expert palladium jewellery buyers, some people may think that unless you have gold or silver items to sell you may not be able to get money for other scrap metals. Palladium items can actually in some cases be worth more than gold if valued correctly by expert appraisers.

What is Palladium?

A hard wearing, dense metal, palladium is now a widely used element that is popular and increasing in value daily due to the difference between supply and demand

Because it is very hard wearing and has a bright white appearance, palladium is quickly becoming an ever popular choice in the manufacture of engagement and wedding rings. As well as palladium jewellery, Gold4Cash will also buy palladium bars and industrial palladium from the dental industry or industrial waste. Get your FREE selling kit now to have your palladium assessed.

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How Will I Get Paid?

Gold4Cash are one of the UK’s leading palladium jewellery buyers, we also purchase all other precious metals and jewellery. We have many years experience in providing our customers with great offers for their unwanted or broken items.

We take in hundreds of precious metal items every day and have a team of expert appraisers ready to make valuations. Our customer reviews are second to none, so why not join our satisfied clients and have your palladium or precious metals valued by the professionals today.