Sell Gold Watches

Sell Your Gold Watch

If you have an unwanted or unused gold watch, why not get money in the bank for it today with Gold4Cash?

Gold4Cash is the easy way to sell gold watches online, if you have a gold watch at home that is unused, get instant money for it today using our fast, simple service. Our team are experts in valuing gold watches, meaning we are able to offer the best prices for your unwanted gold items.

Gold Watch Values

Gold watches tend to hold and sometimes gain value when they are handed down from generation to generation, making them some of the most valuable items of gold jewellery available. Leading watch manufacturers often use gold in their timepieces, making them worth a considerable amount of money.

High-end gold watches can be costly to repair, if you have a gold watch this is no longer working you could look to trade it for cash, Gold4Cash is the number on place to sell gold watches. When selling a watch for its gold content, the brand of the watch doesn’t affect the value. Only the purity and quantity of the gold in the watch is taken into account.

The Easy Way To
Get Cash For Your Gold

All Types of Gold Watches Bought

From pocket watches and antiques, right through to modern wrist watches, if you have an unused or broken watch that has a significant gold content, Gold4Cash will purchase it from you. We have bought many watches, from such brands as:


Tag Heuer
Patel Philippe

Frédérique Constant
Audemars Piguet

As well as solid gold watches, we will also purchase timepieces that contain white goldrose gold or platinum, however we don’t buy watches that are gold plated.

Gold4Cash make it easy and quick for you to get money for your unwanted gold watches. Simply request a free gold selling kit, send your watch to us and wait for us to contact you with our cash offer.

Remember, your gold watch the condition of your watch isn’t relevant to its gold value, it also doesn’t need to be functional, for us to purchase it. We only take into account the purity and weight of the gold content of the watch.