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If you have a collection of gold sovereigns, our team of appraisers will purchase them from you today!

First introduced in 1917, sovereigns are UK coins that are very popular among gold traders and investors. We buy sovereign coins! They are still classed as legal tender, even though they are no longer in circulation, this means buyers pay zero tax. They take their name from the sovereign of the UK printed on one side, new sovereign coins were produced when a new monarch came to the throne.

What Are Sovereigns Worth?

The pure gold content of your sovereign or half sovereign coin will determine its value. There are special coins know as ‘quintuple sovereigns’ also called five pound coins, these hold the same value as five individual sovereigns in one large coin.

Here at Gold4Cash we will buy single sovereign coins or full collections, as well as this we will still purchase your sovereigns even if they are marked or in poor condition. We appraise all items sent to us on the gold purity and weight alone, so even if you think it may be too bad to sell, it probably isn’t.

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Which is the most valuable?

The most valuable sovereigns are known as full sovereigns as well as quintuple sovereigns which are harder to find, this is all due to the high gold content they contain.

Sovereigns that have been mounted on jewellery, or sovereigns which are damaged or fake can be worth slightly less. However it is still worth getting these coins valued by an expert, as if they contain gold content they can still be exchanged for money into your account.

Contact the team at Gold4Cash today to trade your unwanted sovereign coins for cash in your bank, our expert appraisers are on hand to make you a fair offer and we pay out quickly once the offer has been accepted. Request your completely FREE selling kit today.