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Cash For Gold Necklaces

Us our simple online service and sell gold necklaces that are unused or broken for instant money into your bank account.

Gold4Cash are the first choice if you are considering selling your unused necklaces or gold jewellery. Our team have been appraising gold for many years and we always offer the most competitive prices for your items. Once we have valued your gold and you have accepted our offer, the money will be in your account within 24 hours.

What is a Gold Necklace Worth?

Necklaces and most types of gold jewellery usually come in either 9 or 18 carat gold. The jewellery is made from gold of this quality as it needs to be firm enough to be made into a durable piece that can be worn daily.

The value of your necklace will be dependant on the purity of the gold used as well as the total weight. When valuing any gold, we will take into account the current Gold Bullion rates and this will help determine the offer you receive. Give Gold4Cash a try today, our team will beat any like for like offer you have received from a reputable dealer with proof.

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Necklaces with Gemstones

The value of a necklaces could dramatically change should it contain precious gemstones. If your necklace contains precious gems that are of a high enough quality and of a good enough size, the value of your necklace could increase.

However, if the price offered including the gems is not right for you, we will happily remove the stones and send them back to you, giving you the money for the gold in the necklace only.

Gold4Cash are on hand to buy your necklace if you have made the decision to sell, perhaps you want to reinvest the money in a new piece if jewellery, or you want to buy something completely different, whatever the case, use our simple fast service today. Request one of our selling kits now, or contact us for any more information.