Sell Gold Jewellery

Sell Unused or Broken Gold Jewellery

If you have any unused or broken gold jewellery around your home, why not cash in using the Gold4Cash service and get money in your bank the same day?

If you have come across a tangled or snapped bracelet or necklace that needs repair, or if you have found gold that you forgot you had, you can trade it for money in the bank with Gold4Cash. We will beat any like for like offer you have received from any other reputable gold buyer. Simply order a FREE gold selling kit now and we could be paying you for your gold in just 24 hours.

How Will I Get Paid?

Normally, Gold4Cash will pay the money for your gold directly into your bank account using the BACS payment method, this way payments are fast and simple and are usually in your account the same day. We can also pay you by cheque or PayPal if that is easier for you.

Once you have accepted the offer for your items from one of our expert appraisers, the funds will be transferred instantly. In most cases once an offer is accepted the money will be with you within 24 hours. Order your FREE selling kit now to get cash for your unused or broken gold.

The Easy Way To
Get Cash For Your Gold

What Jewellery Do You Buy?

We will purchase ANY jewellery that contains gold or precious metals. From bracelets, chains and necklaces through to rings and even gold watches, if your item has gold content our team will buy it from you. Some of the more common items we buy include:



Scrap Gold
Dental Gold
Gold Coins

Even if your jewellery is in poor condition or is damaged, Gold4Cash will still purchase it from you, our appraisers value the items on the purity and quantity of the gold. So if your jewellery or gold items may appear to have seen better days, they can still be traded for cash in the bank.