Sell Gold Earrings

Sell Your Gold Earrings

If you want to sell gold earrings that are now unused, unworn or damaged, Gold4Cash can quickly turn them into instant cash in your bank account!

If your earrings are tarnished, damaged or broken, this will not affect the amount of money you will receive from us. We base our valuations on the content and quality of the gold, even if you have only one earring from a pair, we will purchase it.

What Are My Earrings Worth?

Several things come together to determine the value of your gold earrings. This includes the gold content, the items weight and the quality. To make sure you get a fair price, it is always best to have your earrings or other gold jewellery appraised by experts.

Our team have been purchasing gold items for many years, generating money for people for jewellery that would otherwise be redundant. The team are here to help sell gold earrings, with decades of experience they are on hand to make sure that our customers are never sold short, achieving the best possible return on investment for you.

The Easy Way To
Get Cash For Your Gold

Can I Sell A Single Earring?

In a word, YES! Here at Gold4Cash we will take in any gold earrings, whether they be singles, mis-matched pairs or complete pairs, even if they are broken or in poor condition. We are only interested in the content of the gold from your earrings, so the appearance or condition is not relevant for your valuation.

You have a variety of options available to you if you are looking to sell any gold jewellery in todays market. The gold selling service from a reputable buyer such as Gold4Cash is the simplest and fastest way to turn your unwanted gold into instant money in the bank