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Sell your gold coin collection to Gold4Cash now and get the money within 24 hours, our expert appraisers are on had to make you an offer, we buy all gold coins no matter what condition they are in.

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What Coins Do You Buy?

If your coins contain precious metals and have a good quality and weight then the Gold4Cash team will buy them from you. Some of the more common gold coins we purchase include:

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What are coins worth?

There are many factors to consider when obtaining the value of your gold coin collection. The Gold4Cash experts have been valuing coins for over 30 years, we have all the experience necessary to test, weigh and inspect them. Once we take into account all factors and determine a value, our appraisers will be in touch with you to discuss your offer.

The gold rate changes on a daily basis, so this will be considered when valuing, along with testing the weight and gold content. Desirability will also be factored in, some rare coins in your collection which were minted in less numbers will be worth considerably more money than more mainstream coins.