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Order one of our FREE selling kits today and receive cash into your bank account for your unused gold chains.

Sell gold chains with Gold4Cash now, what is the point of having unused or unwanted gold laying around? Your chain will be valued on the quality and weight of the gold alone, so its condition doesn’t matter to us. If your unwanted chain is broken or tarnished, it will not affect the amount of money you will get from our expert appraisers.

How Will My Chain Be Valued?

The value of your gold chain is based upon the weight and purity of the piece when selling with Gold4Cash. Our team will take into account the up to date gold market price of the day and accurately determine a fair value for it. Even if your gold chain isn’t in great condition, or is broken, it will have no bearing on the price you will receive.

You are under no obligation to accept our offer, we will happily send back your items should it not be the price you were looking for. However we believe we offer the best prices on the market and have been buying gold and jewellery for many years from many satisfied customers.

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What Kind of Chains Do You Buy?

If your chain contains substantial gold content and is of a good quality, you can be assured the Gold4Cash will buy it. Some of the more common types of chain we purchase includes:

Cuban Link Chains
Rope Chains
Figaro Chains
Mariner Chains

Snake Chains
Box Chains
Byzantine Chains
Belcher Chains

Wheat Chains
Diamond Cut Chains
Herringbone Chains

Should you have any of the chains listed, or indeed any type of gold chain unused in your house, why not request a FREE selling kit today and get some money in your account!