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If you are lucky enough to own gold bullion bars, turn them into money in the bank using the Gold4Cash service.

It is becoming increasingly common for gold bullion owners to liquidate their gold assets and turn them into cash in their bank accounts. Gold4Cash have a team of experts who will value your gold bullion bars and give you a cash offer for them, all within 24 hours. Order a FREE selling kit now and get started.

What is Gold Bullion Worth?

All gold which is ‘investment-grade’ have a purity of 99.9% purity, otherwise known as 24-carat gold, this means that no gold bar can really be considered better than any other. The gold content of the bars will never change the desirability of them. However some bullion brands can have an affect on the value, some are highly sought after, such as Swiss bullion.

Purity and weight are the only factors taken into account when selling your gold bullion with a gold buyer such as Gold4Cash. The other factor to consider is the gold rate, which changes on a daily basis, if you have large quantities of bullion to sell, it is best to look for an ‘up day’ in the market.

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How Will I Get Paid?

Should you be undecided on whether to cash in on your gold bullion, or if you need any advice, get in touch with our expert team today for more information. If you have received an offer from any other reputable gold dealer with proof, the Gold4Cash team will beat it.

If you have decided already that now is the time to part with your gold bullion bars, simply request a FREE selling kit now and we will take care of the rest for you.