Sell Gold Bracelets

Gold Bracelets For Cash

Receive money into your bank account within 24 hours when you sell gold bracelets using Gold4Cash!

If you have gold bangles or bracelets sat at home doing nothing, selling them with the Gold4Cash service couldn’t be easier! If you have a new bracelet or bangle in mind, or if you need fast cash for something completely different, selling with Gold4Cash could be perfect for you. If you have an offer from any other reputable gold dealer, our team will always aim to beat it for you.

Do You Buy All Bracelets?

Whatever kind of bracelet you may have, if it contains gold, we will buy it! If it has links missing or has snapped it doesn’t matter, all we need is the gold, so whatever the condition you will still receive the best price. As well as purchasing bracelets, we will also give fast cash for other gold jewellery such as chainsnecklaces and watches.

Should you have a bracelet or bangle that contains gemstones, we will take these into account when giving a valuation. If the gems in your bracelet are of a substantial size and quality, you may receive a higher offer from us. If the offer including them gems isn’t satisfactory, or you would like to keep hold of them, we can happily remove the gems from the gold and send them back.

The Easy Way To
Get Cash For Your Gold

How Will I Get Paid?

When Gold4Cash purchase your unused jewellery, we aim to tailor our service to make it the best for you.

Usually payments are made directly into your bank account for speed and convenience, however if needed we can also pay you by cheque or PayPal. Online payments are guaranteed within 24 hours of you accepting our offer price for your items, cheques are also sent out the same day.

If you would like to sell your gold bracelet right now, simply contact us or order one of our FREE selling kits.