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Sell Dental Gold to Gold4Cash

Gold, being a precious metal is often used in dentistry and has been for hundreds of years. Gold in dentistry is used for a variety of things, these include fillings, crowns, gold implants and teeth and more recently for’ grills’ which have become a fashion item. Sell dental gold to Gold4Cash today.

It doesn’t matter if you are a dentist or if you once wore the gold items yourself, however you have acquired them, they can be exchanged for cash in the bank. Order your FREE selling kit from Gold4Cash now.

Valuing Dental Gold

The value of dental gold can vary quite a lot, due to the fact that nobody has teeth that are the same. Using a professional gold buyer is the best way to sell your dental gold, due to the thorough valuation process that they use. They will take into account the quantity of gold as well as the weight and purity, this will give you the fairest, accurate valuation.

Should you posses any dental gold such as teeth, crowns, bridges or grills selling them for cash is far more useful than having them lying around the house, order a FREE selling kit today.

The Easy Way To
Get Cash For Your Gold

What Will You Buy?

Gold4Cash will buy pretty much any kind of dental gold, whether it be white, yellow or rose. If you have dental fixtures made from other precious metals we will purchase those as well, some of the more common detail fixings we buy include:


Gold Teeth


Even if your dental gold is in poor condition we will still make you an offer for it. Also all dental gold will be fully sterilised before its handled at our end.

If you have any scrap gold and now is the time to sell for you, simply request a FREE selling kit and we will take care of the rest for you.