Identifying Antique Gold Hallmarks

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When purchasing or selling antique or old gold such as jewellery, it can be more difficult to sell than more recently possessed jewellery. This can be due to its condition, design or lack of usual hallmarking. Hallmarks help us to identify where, when and by whom a piece of gold has been made by.

Nowadays, hallmarking is a highly standardised and regulated system making it easy to understand how old gold is and its purity. This wasn’t the case in previous centuries, and hallmarks have differed and evolved, meaning they vary hugely in antique and period jewellery.

Cash4Gold-Now has outlined how to understand antique gold hallmarks such as Victorian gold hallmarks. Whether you have your antique gold jewellery or items to have valued, or you are simply interested in how hallmarking has changed over time, this guide should help to shed some light on how to read hallmarks.

Does antique gold have hallmarks?

Hallmarking originated in the 1300s and although hallmarks can be found on many pieces of antique gold, there were some periods in history where hallmarking was much less standardised.

Throughout the Georgian and Victorian eras, in particular, gold was often manufactured and sold without hallmarks making it more difficult to identify and value antique gold from these eras.

What’s more, just because gold doesn’t have hallmarks present, this doesn’t mean it is any less valuable. Some extremely valuable and sought after antique gold can be non-hallmarked.

In these instances, it’s important to have your gold valued by professionals who can test its purity without needing to use hallmarks.

How can you read hallmarks on antique or old gold?

There are various key marks used in hallmarks over the centuries to look out for when having your gold valued, or when trying to identify its age or purity yourself.

These markings essentially depict key characteristics of the gold, including the purity of the gold itself, who manufactured it, where it was manufactured, and when.

There are various other, less common marks to look out for too that signify additional information like the designer or retailer.

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