How We Value


Step One

Here is some information on how the team here at Gold4Cash will provide a valuation for your gold items.

Once your package arrives in the post, we will be carefully unpack your items, these will then be logged and labelled with your unique customer number. Our experts will then clean your gold thoroughly before weighing and testing the items to ascertain their quality and purity.


Step Two

After the initial cleaning, weighing and testing, one of our senior valuers will then thoroughly assess each individual piece. We will be able to offer you the best price possible based on the gold rate that day, taking into account the golds weight and purity.


Step Three

Our assessor will contact you as soon as he has finished his appraisal with an offer. As we offer the best prices for gold, we are sure you will be happy with what they tell you! If you decide you don’t want to go ahead, we will send your gold items  back to you, free of charge.


Step Four

If you decide to accept the valuation for your gold, we will send out the money to you within 24 hours. Usually this is by direct bank transfer, we can however, pay by cheque or PayPal if required.

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